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TOTAL DONATIONS RECEIVED - Updated Sunday Afternoons

$0         $50K        $100K           $150K            $200K           $250K           $300K           $350K           $400K


1) 8/28/2023. Today, Messiah Lutheran Church made a payment to the SEC Receiver in the amount of $187,000. This is the initial payment according to the agreement and the majority of the funds were from the balance left over in their Building Fund from the building of the Family Life Center. The balance of $300,000 is due November 15, 2023.

2) On 9/5/2023 the church's Senior Pastor and Congregation President were interviewed on CBS2 news channel - see clip here

3) 9/6/23 Read Messiah Lutheran Church's press release here

4) 9/7/23 Messiah Lutheran Church held a community information meeting that was attended by various media outlines, including ABC7 news, WGN9 news, FOX 32 news, WJOL radio, and the Joliet Herald News.  See the news channel reports here.

5) 9/21/23 A meeting was held today with State senators and Representatives, the media and other non profits to try and change the laws of Illinois so that this does not happen again to any other non-profit.

6) 9/22/23 Enjoy a meal at Chili's Restaurant next Tuesday - a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the church to save their building

7) On 10/1/2023 the church announced that they have arrived at the halfway point by raising over $150,000 with the help of this website and the GiftSendGo platform. Thank you to everyone!

8) 10/12/23 Read Messiah Lutheran Church's press release here

9) 10/29/23 GOD IS GOOD! WE MADE IT AND THE CHURCH BUILDING HAS BEEN SAVED! Thanks and gratitude for everyone who contributed their finances, ideas and prayers - without God and the community this church would not have survived! Funds are continuing to come in which will be used to pay the attorneys fees and other costs involved in saving this church.

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